Nominate Someone Today!


Gaidano & Sons Painting and Decorating, a very well respected painting company in the San Francisco bay area, would like to do their part in giving back to the community, and is graciously offering to give away FREE home exterior paint jobs to deserving homeowners of the Marin County community.

Gaidano & Sons are looking for you to nominate a homeowner that performs “above and beyond” and/or “outstanding” service to the community, to others (country, family, friends and/or strangers), AND is in need of an exterior paint job. A deserving person might be a neighbor you know that is financially “under the weather,” but who volunteers daily/weekly, or time and time again performs outstanding and commendable deeds, it may be a friend who is a single mom/dad that has suffered from an unfortunate economic hardship and works numerous jobs just to take care of their family, or possibly one of your own family members that puts others well-being ahead of their own and could simply use a “helping hand.” You be the judge of who is deserving of this award, and why. Gaidano & Sons are asking for a 200 word or less letter, explaining who they have nominated, and why they are the most deserving individual for the FREE exterior paint job. The event is open to all the citizens of Marin for participation.

Gaidano & Sons will be accepting, reading and evaluating all the written nominations, and will be choosing the winning party from the entered nominations. This charitable event will take place year round. Winners will be rewarded semi-annually. Gaidano and Sons will be accepting nominations from January through March, and July through September while winners of the event will have their homes painted during months April through June, and October through December. Please go to and nominate someone today.

Thank you for your participation!