Residential Services

Just call or click “Get a Free Quote” on this page to schedule your FREE home or bussiness quote. We are always available to take your call where you’ll always speak with a professional who can schedule a convenient time to meet at your job.

At your appointment, your Gaidano & Sons representative will arrive at your home or business on time as scheduled to discuss your project. Be sure to ask questions about your project, including timing and your budget. Before leaving, both you and your Gaidano rep will have a clear understanding of how to best solve your painting issue. We will have a FREE written estimate to you within 24 hrs, and can schedule starting dates accordingly. And please do not stress about selecting paint colors, our color consultant can meet you at your property to help pick the perfect colors for you job!

Prior to beginning your job, we ask that you move your furniture to the middle of the room and remove any valuables from the work area. If you would like us to move your furniture, just let us know and that can be arranged. At Gaidano & Sons, we pride ourselves on our neatness and attention to detail. We’ll cover your furnishings, floors, and any unpainted surfaces with clean sheeting and drop cloths.

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